Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I Learned: 2/8/11

-Feb 1 is National Freedom Day, a day to commemorate Lincoln’s signing of the 13th Amendment (that’s the one that outlawed slavery). I am embarrassed that I’m just learning this now.

-The tailbone is unnecessary, just like the appendix.

-Kids have more taste buds than adults.

-They only change the plastic cover on the fish scale at Hannaford after 3-4 customers so if you’re allergic to shrimp, tell them before they weigh your fish. (Luckily I narrowly missed learning this the hard way.)

-Proper running form is controlled falling. Therefore, running in the snow with Makai on a leash attached to my waist should be amazing training.

-Onion juice is a commonly recommended natural cough remedy. Pete wouldn’t try it.

-The term “put a sock in it” comes from a method of dealing with the lack of volume control on the first gramophones. To lower the volume, people would shove a sock in the horn.

-When cheetahs run they exhale when their front paws touch the ground (because their internal organs slosh forward and slam into their lungs).

-Woodpeckers peck wood at a rate of 22 pecks per second and experience decelerations of 1200g. (Humans get concussions when they experience decelerations between 80 and 100g.)

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