I offer personal training, one-on-one coached sessions in swimming, cycling and running and
individualized coaching for triathletes, swimmers, runners and cyclists. For more information, please email me at


-ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-USA Triathlon Level I Coach
-USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
-TRX Instructor
-Spinning Instructor
-More than 10 years' experience as a competitive swim coach

Athletic Experience:

-Top 3 Age Group Finisher, USAT Sprint Nationals 2012
-Top 15 Age Group Finisher, ITU Sprint World Championships 2012
-USAT All American Honorable Mention 2011 and 2012


  1. Hi,
    So, I too am a tall woman with an athletic build and am looking for a wetsuit. I googled the problem and your site came up. From looking at your pictures I think you weigh about 150ish? I'm about 6' and weigh 160lbs. When I go onto different websites to size myself and they never come back saying a Woman's anything. It always comes up Mens Medium. I have a very small chest and arms so, I can't imagine that I would fit into a Mens. But, you were sampling Womens Mediums and larges?? Did you just ignore their recommendations? Or are some wetsuits actually designed for taller women?
    I'm a newbie and live in a warmer state. So, I'm looking for a sleeveless wetsuit. Any suggestions??

    1. Hi MikesMiles,
      I'm just under 6' and ~130lbs. I was lucky enough to have the wetsuit representatives from each company recommend a size for me. Of course, as you may have read, this didn't always work out--at all. I have a very long torso, which really screws up the measurements. If you're more proportionate than I am (ie. you have long legs and a normal length torso), then you'd probably have better luck with all of these. The Blueseventy Helix might be perfect for you (it's not sleeveless, but the sleeves are very thin). Blueseventy also makes sleeveless suits and so does Xterra. Good luck! And, don't hesitate to try a men's suit!

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