Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shout Outs

We all need people—not just people, but people. Not quite a posse, just people. What the hell am I talking about? PEOPLE, dammit! I’m sure you have a few, maybe your hairdresser or your mechanic or your wine guy. They’re your go-to people, the people you trust, the people you recommend to everyone without hesitation. You know, your people.

I’ve got people. And I can’t imagine getting through all this pre-New Zealand nuttiness without them.

My Couldn’t-Do-It-Without List:

-My friends and family. Thank you. You are all awesome and I love you very much, but this post isn’t about you.

-Doug Welling: my awesome coach at The Sustainable Athlete.

-Dr. Jamie Raymond (and everyone at Raymond Chiropractic): genius who saved my ass (and hips, back, calves, feet and shoulders) multiple times.

-Julia Kirtland (of Core 3 Massage fame): world’s best massage therapist

-Josh Freeman (of Freeman’s Bicycle Service fame): world’s best bike mechanic…and the only person allowed to touch my bike

-Beth Chernosky: With all the stress, change in seasons and switch to an indoor pool, my skin has been freaking out. Beth is a licensed aesthetician who has helped me feel more grounded and helped my skin chill the f*** out.

-Dr. G.: my superstar mental skills coach and someone I wish I’d met a long time ago.


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