Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I Learned: 2/1/12

-It’s illegal to text the phrase “monkey crotch” in Pakistan.

-It’s also illegal to use the term “glazed donut” when texting in Pakistan.

-One of the first ads for the cup sold it as the best way to protect “the floppy man parts.”

-Popovers get their puffiness from steam. (Wet batter + hot oven = steam => puffy popovers)

-The horns of Ankole cows cool the cow’s blood before returning it to the rest of the body. (This helps the cow stay cool in sweltering heat.)

-David Letterman used to be a weatherman. So did Pat Sajak.

-Tetris was created in Russia.

-Pistachios are seeds.

-Almonds, pecans and walnuts are the seeds of drupes. (Drupes are pitted fruits like olives and peaches.)

-There’s no meat in mincemeat.

-20% of men have participated in a conference call while in the bathroom.

-Nuts are indehiscent fruits (fruits that don’t open at maturity).

-Figs aren’t fruits. They’re clusters of flowers called inflorescences. The crunchy little seeds are the flowers.

-Marie Curie’s notebooks are radioactive.

-Iguanas sneeze more than any other animal.

-The scientific term for a sneeze is sternutation.

-Geese “whiffle” (they flip upside down to slow down before landing).

-Smokey the Bear was originally called “Hotfoot Teddy.”

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